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Balloon Vendor

Baby Shower Balloon

by Linda Holman, Rachel Petterson
Answer: CRIB

Teams request a visit from the Balloon Vendor, who comes to their home base and delivers a purple “Gender Reveal” balloon filled with confetti. The team pops the balloon and gets pieces of pink and blue animal shaped-confetti pieces with differently-sized eyes.

Sort the pieces by eye size from smallest to largest. Use the term for a male animal for blue pieces or a female animal for pink pieces. The total number of any type of confetti is an index into the term, shown below:

👁 Sz. # Color Term
1 1 Blue chicken (Rooster)
2 3 Blue deer (stAg)
3 1 Pink swan (Pen)
4 1 Pink peafowl (Peahen)
5 3 Pink deer (doE)
6 1 Blue sheep (Ram)
7 1 Pink pig (Sow)
8 1 Pink chicken (Hen)
9 2 Blue pigs (bOar)
10 2 Blue cows (bUll)
11 1 Blue horse (Stallion)
12 1 Pink sheep (Ewe)

The letters spell out RAPPER'S HOUSE, i.e., CRIB.